102 Not out Movie Reviews

102 Not out Movie

102 Not out Movie Reviews


Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Mukesh Hariawala

Crew: Umesh Shukla (Director)


102-not-out-movie-reviews          Story: Umesh Shukla’s ‘102 Not Out’ is a film of the same series. Based on the Gujarati popular drama written by Soumya Joshi, this film reflects the tragedy of the loneliness of the elderly. 75-year-old Babulal Wakharia (Rishi Kapoor) is an eccentric old man in need of a watch. Apart from meeting his doctor in his monotonous life, if there is any reason for happiness and excitement, then that is his NRI son and his family. However, he has not got his son and his family for the last 17 years. The son gets annoyed every year by promising to meet every year.


On the other hand, Babulal’s 102-year-old father Dattatreya Wakharia (Amitabh Bachchan) is an old man with a lot of life that you can call a 102-year-old. One day Suddenly Dattatreya, while keeping a box of conditions in front of his fiancé son Babulal, says that if he does not fulfill these conditions, he will send it to the old age home. Actually, Dattatreya wants to change Babulal’s lifestyle and thinking by threatening and fulfilling the conditions. Now, at 102 years of age, she wants to change her 75-year-old son, behind this is a huge rule. You will have to watch the film to find this secret. Director Umesh Shukla has earlier made ‘Oh My God’ based on Gujarati drama. This time also they chose the same way. Through the film, Umesh has given a very strong message to the parents struggling for the NRI children living abroad. However, the first half of the film is slow and a recurrence is realized in the event. There is a lack of other supporting characters but in the second half the movie grips and Climax makes you feel as well as a feeling of victory in such an emotional battle, if the character becomes a victim you lose a lot. Talking about acting, one thing is clear why Big B is called the super hero of the century. In the role of Dattatreya in the film, he laughs at you, stares at you, surprises and you keep on drowning with his emotional expression in the flow of his role. He has caught the character’s character in the correct way that you start feeling that character with you. At the same time, about 27 years later, Rishi Kapoor has also appeared on the screen with Big B. And his 75-year-old son Babulal has lived with very ease and patience. This pair of father-son combines you with your relatives or any grandparents in the neighborhood. Between the two oldest father-son, the quirky and funny tug of war hold you. In the case of acting, the third character, Jimit Trivedi, has acted wonderfully. He did not feel anywhere that he is acting with veterans such as Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor.


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