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Facebook Monetization: Good News for All, It’s now the perfect time to double down on making YouTube videos and afterward transferring it to Facebook to generate revenue.

Last Month May, Facebook tried their two different advertising formats for Audience Network videos. Around then, both in-stream and in-article formats were used for selected verified publishers like USA Today Sports Media Group and Daily Mail (mobile).


  Presently, with their new video monetization updates, the partners can monetize their premium video content by registering with Facebook Audience Network.

  Latest Updates:

  • All eligible publishers can now earn money from in-stream video ads on their own websites and apps through Audience Network.
  • Facebook is extending their beta test of Ad Breaks in Facebook Live to extra profiles and Pages in the U.S.
  • Facebook is already testing their Ad Breaks feature in the on-demand video’s on Facebook with few accomplices.

   Facebook Monetization

    What is the Facebook Audience Network?

      Facebook’s Audience Network helps all the eligible publishers grow sustainable businesses by optimizing for consumer experience and advertiser value. It is used more than 1.8 billion users’ insights to help publishers with in-stream inventory to deliver highly relevant video ads to their global audience across mobile apps and desktop users.
     This Audience Network can use the demand from Facebook’s 4M global advertisers, including numerous small businesses, to deliver higher CPMs and consistent fill rates across the world, wherever the publishers’ audience is.
    Eligibility for publishers who would like to apply to Facebook Audience Network. Must read.


  • Ads must be pre-roll or mid-roll, with video content after the ad.
  • Post-roll ads, pre-game ads and mid-game ads are not eligible.
  • Click-to-play videos are eligible.
  • Auto-play videos are only eligible if the video player is the main element of the page.
  • Videos in the articles must be click-to-play.
  • The videos must have sound on by default.
  • The player should be at least 500px wide on the desktop and 300px wide on mobile.
      Ads of Audience Network will be skippable at 10 seconds if the total duration exceeds 30 seconds. Ads under 30 seconds are not skippable.
     Web players must help VPAID. The page URL must be retrievable by audience Network’s VPAID and must be the same as the page URL in the request.


   How to Apply for Facebook Audience Network?

    With the end goal to profit this component, publishers must be approved to run in-stream advertisements from Audience Network. Here are the simple steps:-
  • First, Log into your developers.facebook.com account and apply from ‘Apps and websites’ under Audience Network.
  • Before you going to apply, guarantee that the domain or app and financial payout information are all complete in your account.
  • Once you’ve finished all the details and submitted the request, the Audience Network team will review the details and you will be told once your player has been approved.
  • Once approved, you will be able to create a place for in-stream video in the Audience Network section of developers.facebook.com


   Get the full detail on this video: 


Earn Money From Facebook
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Earn Money From Facebook
Facebook Monetization: Good News for All, It’s now the perfect time to double down on making YouTube videos and afterward transferring it to Facebook to generate revenue.
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