Nokia 8110 (2018)

Nokia 8110 2018

Nokia 8110 (2018)


A year ago at MWC, HMD Global propelled the recently restored Nokia on a worldwide scale and made it critical by revealing the new Nokia 3310 (2017). This was a splendidly figured move; enchanting and entertaining Nokia fans, playing on wistfulness and bringing something substantially more intriguing than a line of the equation based Android pieces to the market. It wasn’t a diversion changing telephone by any methods, however, it prompted an unfathomable overflowing of consideration and feeling everywhere throughout the world. It likewise gave the Nokia mark the push it frantically should have been viewed as peculiar and imaginative once more.

The organization is attempting a similar thing one year later, and of all the notorious and right away noteworthy models it has in its documents, it picked the Nokia 8110. This is the telephone that was utilized as a part of the primary Matrix motion picture and everybody can concur that it looked totally rebel when its sliding spread shot open in the characters’ hands apparently in a state of harmony with their considerations (which the telephone sadly didn’t do, all things considered). It was top of the line and cost a bomb when all mobiles telephones were costly by nature, which made it truly exceptional in India at any rate. It was additionally assembled like a tank and felt indestructible.

Nokia 8110

The only thing that the new Nokia 8110 4G has in common with its namesake is the sliding cover – and no, it doesn’t flick open either. It’s highly plasticky, unlike the original which glided so satisfyingly on its solid metal tracks that you couldn’t resist playing with it. This is a low-end phone, based on the company’s Smart Feature OS (which is incidentally based on the same KaiOS as the Jio Phone). In fact, its specifications are virtually identical to those of the recently launched 4G version of the new Nokia 3310, also putting it in line with the genuinely low-end Nokia 1xx series.


The screen is 2.4 inches diagonally and has a resolution of 240×320 pixels. You get an ultra-basic Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor, and the camera on the back is only 2 megapixels. There’s 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. Single and dual-SIM versions will be available in different countries. There is, of course, LTE support and Wi-Fi 802.11n, but what you can do with them will be limited by the app ecosystem and button-based interface.

Anyone who has used a basic Nokia phone over the past 20 years will be able to understand the UI here. We spent a few minutes playing with the new Nokia 8110 right after HMD’s launch event, and the novelty value wore off by the time we were done. The keypad wasn’t very satisfying and T9 predictive text input was painful. We don’t know what this phone will cost in India yet, but directly converting the EUR 79 price works out to roughly Rs. 6,285. That would be insanely expensive on its own, and we still have to account for taxes and duties.

Nokia 8110


It shouldn’t astound that the Nokia 8110 (2018) exists exclusively for reputation and some curiosity esteem. All things considered, it’s accessible just in a plain dark and a brilliant yellow, in a reference to the “banana-telephone” moniker that the first earned as a result of its bent body. HMD even goes so far as to recommend that individuals will purchase the new 8110 as an “end of the week telephone” since it’s uncomplicated, or in light of the fact that it has a variant of the great Snake diversion. This implies HMD isn’t generally focusing on section level purchasers, yet is trusting that individuals with enough discretionary cash flow to purchase a superbly proficient spending plan cell phone will some way or another think that it’s interesting to play with of these for a moment or two – and pay for the benefit.


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