ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Smartphone

ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Smartphone

ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Smartphone


In case you’re exhausted with your standard piece of candy cell phone and miss the days when telephones came in all shapes and sizes, the new ZTE Axon M may engage you. It’s fundamentally a clamshell cell phone, however rather than a console, ZTE Axon M has a moment screen that can be utilized as a part of an assortment of ways. It’s a striking advancement, yet does it truly bode well for the normal client? Here are our ZTE Axon M early introductions.

The new ZTE cell phone is clearly very stout and helped us to remember Nokia’s old 9000-arrangement Communicator telephones at first look. All the demo units at ZTE’s MWC 2018 occasion were fastened, thus we couldn’t get a thought of how this telephone may fit in a pocket however we don’t figure it will be extremely agreeable.’

ZTE Axon M Dual Screen

When folded closed, you’ll see a screen on either side of the Axon M. The secondary one will be turned off in this mode because it’s facing away from you. When you flip the phone open, the two screens line up perfectly, and that’s when the fun begins.


You have a choice of screen modes, accessible through an extra button on the on-screen Android navigation bar. You can choose to duplicate the same content on both screens, stretch everything as if there was one big screen, use the two independently just like two PC monitors, or turn the second screen off entirely. While the thought of one big screen might be appealing, it’s effectively square shaped, so it’s useless for movies. The seam between the two screens cannot be hidden or even downplayed so it’s distracting, and reading pages of text would become aggravating.

The Android UI seems to have no problem scaling to the different screen modes – ZTE has done well. However, not all apps will work, and it will be interesting to see how games run. If this concept is successful, we might even see apps designed to work around the seam through the center.

The dual-monitor mode seems the most interesting as you can multitask and make good use of the extra screen. If you launch the Photos app, for example, you can have all the thumbnails on one side while any image you tap on will be loaded on the second screen. It can become awkward to hold this phone and use it in your hands, rather than laying on a table.

ZTE Axon M Dual Screen

There’s just a single camera, on the front of the telephone, in light of the fact that the back is blocked at whatever point the Axon M is collapsed. There’s literally nothing to see on the internal surfaces of the two parts. There’s a unique mark peruser alongside all the equipment catches on one side.

The two screens measure 5.2 inches and have full-HD resolutions. The decision of a Snapdragon 821, which is quite a while old, is somewhat inquisitive. You get 4GB of RAM and 64GB of capacity, in addition to a 20-megapixel camera. Dolby Atmos is there, alongside Wi-Fi 802.11ac, double speakers, and all the cutting edge accommodations.

ZTE doesn’t dispatch a ton of telephones in India, and we don’t have affirmation about whether the Axon M will come here by any stretch of the imagination. On the off chance that or when it does, we’ll put it through all our standard tests and invest enough energy with it to give you a thought of how it may fill in as your next essential gadget.


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